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In order for this to work, you will have to link to our site as well. 
Keep in mind, your site should  be art related and is subject to approval.
You may use a banner of a reasonable size, for example, 468x60 or 120x120. Banners that are too big may be rejected. See the links page for examples.

First, submit your site information with this form:

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Please keep your description short and to the point.

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Second, you need to place our banner in an appropriate place on your site.

You may use this banner:


Be sure it is linked to: 

If you are familiar with HTML, you can also copy and paste this code for the banner:

After we receive your request and see that your placement of our banner has been done appropriately, we will enter your link into our system.

These links, for now anyway, will be placed in the order they arrive to our site. So being first has it's advantages. If down the road we are sent a large amount of links we may need to change this format.

Questions or comments about adding links can be emailed to:




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