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Ken Knowles is from Kathleen Georgia and he works with sculpture. These pieces are original works made by Ken and are beautiful. He creates a custom casting from the original. The casting material is light and durable, with a stone like texture. All pieces are signed and numbered. Ken is working on these right now. They may take a little time to complete, one to three weeks. Please email us and we can check on his progress. We are ready to take orders for these items right now!

Click on a picture to see a larger size and more detail. When you are done click your browsers back button.

This sculpture called "Ruckus"
measures 13" tall and 13" wide.
A custom casting sells for... 
$585.00 Shipping-$25.00
This sculpture called "Whispers"
measures 17" tall and 13" wide.
A custom casting  sells for...
$325.00 Shipping-$25.00


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